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MedX created exercise versions of its medical machines and branded them the Core Spinal Fitness System. In less than 20 minutes, twice a week, these four machines can help reduce or eliminate back pain by focusing on strength, stability, flexibility and endurance of the body’s core, providing a solid foundation for whole body strength.

MedX Core Lumbar

MedX Core Lumbar:

Only the MedX Core Lumbar Strength features a patented and effective pelvic restraint system that keeps gluteus and hamstring muscles from interfering with the targeted spinal exercise area. This provides isolation of the lumbar spine muscles, increases stability and allows for specific, intensive strengthening in one of the body’s most vital and vulnerable areas. Regular use of The Core Lumbar Strength may help prevent injuries, remedy chronic back pain, and contribute to disc hydration.

MedX Core 4 Way Neck

MedX Core 4 Way Neck:

The patented Core 4-Way Neck is a bio-mechanically precise 4-way neck machine that trains the flexion and extension muscles of the neck to allow for improved range of motion. It both stretches and strengthens the cervical spinal muscles. This allows for decompression of the upper spine and promotes increased omni-directional strength and flexibility of the entire neck. The Core 4-Way Neck is based on the superior bio-technology of the MedX Medical Neck Extension machine now being used in spinal rehabilitation facilities around the world.

MedX Core Ab Isolator

MedX Core Ab Isolator:

Strong abs are vital to spinal support. The patented bio-mechanical design of the Core Ab Isolator provides the highest degree of isolation for abdominal muscles available. Unlike other ab machines, the Core Ab Isolator neutralizes hip flexor muscles and restricts arching in the base of the spine. This provides core abdominal muscle isolation, while eliminating the hazard of lower back discomfort. The result is a superior abdominal burn.

MedX Core Torso Rotation

MedX Core Torso Rotation:

Revolutionary in its ability to truly isolate waistline muscles, the Core Torso Rotation is the most effective design of its kind. Shoulder, arm and chest muscles are neutralized by a unique padded restraint system. A separate system of padded restraints effectively locks the pelvis and prevents the hip and gluteus muscles from assisting in rotation of the torso. Core Torso Rotation increases strength and flexibility right at the core of the body. Not surprisingly, it’s a favorite among golf pros looking to increase club head speed. Research has shown MedX Core Torso can reverse scoliosis. This is the FIRST time ever a non-surgical treatment has proven to reduce the curvature of the spine!